Big Elm Creek Water Quality

The Leon and Lampasas Rivers below Belton Lake and Stillhouse Hollow Lake, respectively, transect the urban areas of Temple and Belton, Texas, flowing downstream where they merge together to form the Little River. The Little River flows southeast  from Temple and Belton, Texas and ultimately reaches the Brazos River. Big Elm Creek, a major tributary of Little River, is impaired for not meeting the recreational standard for E. coli as well as having elevated levels of chlorophyll-a, nitrate, depressed dissolved oxygen, orthophosphorus, and total phosphorus, which could potentially hinder aquatic life.

This project focuses on addressing the E. coli impairment within the Big Elm Creek watershed by supplementing an existing dataset with bacteria and flow data for later decision making by stakeholders. A local stakeholder group will be formed that will determine the goals, objectives and indicators for addressing the water quality impairments and concerns within the watersheds.

Funding Source

Funding provided by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality as part of a Clean Water Act Section 319(h) Grant.

Little River



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