Little River Water Quality

Project Tasks

Task 1: Project Administration

Objective: To effectively administer, coordinate, and monitor all work performed under this project including technical and financial supervision and preparation of status reports.

Task 2: Quality Assurance

Objective: To refine, document, and implement data quality objectives (DQOs) and quality assurance/quality control (QA/QC) activities that ensure data of known and acceptable quality are generated by this project.

Task 3: Public Education

Objective: To educate, identify, engage and gain stakeholder support in the development of a Watershed Protection Plan.

Task 4: Data Acquisition and Evaluation of Existing Data for Pollutant Characterization and Source Identification

Objective: To collect data and information in order to identify causes and sources of water quality impairments, water quality issues in the watershed, and estimate loading reductions needed to meet water quality standards.

Task 5: Supplemental Monitoring for WPP Development

Objective: To collect surface water quality and flow data to supplement LDC analysis and better characterize impairing parameters within the watershed.

Task 6: Final Report

Objective: TWRI will produce a Final Report that summarizes all activities completed and conclusions reached during the project. The report will describe project activities, and identify and discuss the extent to which project goals and purposes have been achieved, and the amount of funds actually spent on the project. The report will emphasize successes, failures, lessons learned, and will include specific water quality data demonstrating the water quality improvements if applicable. The Final Report will summarize all the Task Reports in either the text or as appendices.

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